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Graduate School

Graduate School

General Graduate School 2019

Doctoral Programs

Railroad System Department Railroad System Major (Railroad Construction Engineering / Environmental Engineering / Railroad and Electrical Engineering / Railroad Vehicles Engineering / Global Railroad System), Welfare Consultation Department, Business Department Business Major(International Business / Railroad Business / Tourism Management / Hospitality and Tourism Management* / Management Studies*)

Master Programs

Railroad System Department (Railroad Construction Engineering / Environmental Engineering / Railroad and Electrical Engineering / Railroad Vehicles Engineering / Global Railroad System), Solbridge International School of Business, Welfare Consultation Department, Language and Hearing Rehabilitation Department, Business Department Business Major ( International Management / Railroad Management / Tourism Management)

Solbridge International School of Business* (MBA, MS)

  • The only program in the country that operates fully on English
  • Thr multicultural educational environment with representatives from 30 different nationalities
  • 15 international faculty members who graduated from the most prestigious international universities, and provides with practical knowledge.

Railroad System Department / Welfare Consultation Department / Language and Hearing Rehabilitation Department / Business Department

  • Personal and educational development required for a future research worker through academic explorations and analysis.
  • Cultivate global leaders for the 21st century
  • Establish professional research system through industry-academic cooperation

Railroad System Graduate School

Railroad and Electrical System Engineering Department
Railroad Construction System Department (Global Railroad System Engineering / Railroad Vehicles System Engineering / Environmental Engineering)

  • Technical education and research ability necessary for railway industry
  • To lead the advancement of the railway industry by improved education and technical skills

Health & Welfare Graduate School

Health Rehabilitation Department ( Occupational Therapy / Sport and Health Management / Language and Hearing Rehabilitation / Physical Therapy / Sports Rehabilitation / Health Policy)

  • Original research in healthcare, rehabilitation and welfare fields, and training of global professional leaders.
  • Practical side educational and research projects

Business Graduate School

Business Department (International Management / Railroad Management / Hospitality Management / Beauty Management / Tax & Accounting / Sol-MBA / International Studies* / Hospitality Management*)

  • Creative and progressive professional training in the field of management, accounting and beauty management
  • Project-oriented education related to the industrial field

Global Culinary Graduate School

Food and Culinary Science Department / Culinary Department / TESOL-MALL Department*

  • Program in Korean : 외식·조리창업
  • Program in English : Culinary-Entrepreneurship*
    • The first program in Korea with combined cooking and restaurant management education with the best professional training course
    • Operate on of Asia’s best culinary talent training courses for international students
    • Creative and scientific professional training in the food service field
    • Customized project – oriented training

Culture-Technology Graduate School

Engineering and Design Department (Design/Game/Video / IT)

  • Project-oriented education related to industry field practice
  • Operate an exchange program with acclaimed universities abroad

* These specializations operate and conduct courses in English. All other specializations operate fully in Korean.