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Department of Sport Science & Rehabilitation

College of Health and Welfare

Department of Sport Science & Rehabilitation

Department of Sports Science & Rehabilitation

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Educating athletic trainers specializing in sports performance improvement and injury rehabilitation in the athletic field of both elite sports and sports-for-all

  • Training of sports rehabilitation specialists responsible for performance improvement and rehabilitation training at elite sports facilities
  • To train health professionals who improve physical disability from complex chronic diseases
  • Training of exercise leaders to improve health through exercise based on health, physical activity status and physical strength assessment

Department Overview

The Department of Sports Health Rehabilitation not only manages overall athletic damage, but also demonstrates the need for specialists in the prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation of the skeletal system caused by sports, fitness, and other activities. We train health athletic trainers through systematic and professional theoretical education, practice in the professional and amateur club, hospital rehabilitation center, athletic rehabilitation training center, health promotion center, fitness center by combining practical and theoretical skills.

Education Goals

  • Establish the foundation of domestic sports rehabilitation field with theoretical and practical skills as an American accredited AT curriculum and cultivate a sports rehabilitation specialist who plays a leading role in sports field
  • Training health professionals with systematic exercise and rehabilitation skills to recover and improve the health of people with chronic illnesses


Year Major Courses
1st Year Exercise Rehabilitation Theory, Basic Anatomy, Exercise and Wellness, Aqua Training, Sports Nutrition, Living Sports Guiding Theory, Basic Driving Theory, Measurement of Motor Function, Emergency Medical Treatment (field emergency handling)
2nd Year Basic Assistance, Musculoskeletal Development Methodology, Pathophysiology, Life Cycle-specific Exercise Program, Sports Health Management Practice, AT technique, Training Theory and Practice, Performance Conditioning Technique
3rd Year Lower Body Sports Damage Skill and Evaluation, Lower Body Sports Rehabilitation Training and Practice, Upper Body Sports Damage Vision and Evaluation, In-sports Rehabilitation Training and Practice, Exercise Load Inspection and ECG, in-depth Assistance, On-site Management Practice, Health Movement Management Theory Programming and Training of Specialized Institutions by Disease
4th Year Professional Sports Team Practice, Athletes Rehabilitation Center Practice, Fitness Center Practice, Hospital Rehabilitation Center Practice, Health Improvement Practice