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Physical Therapy

College of Health and Welfare

Physical Therapy

Department of Physical Therapy

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Globally Competent Physical Therapist as Rehabilitation Specialist

  • Train leaders and physical therapists who are familiar with the latest rehabilitation theory and advanced medical systems
  • Training physiotherapists with international competitiveness
  • Acquired licenses from physical therapists in advanced countries and operate curriculum to go to overseas graduate schools

Department Overview

Physiotherapists help patients with dysfunction due to damage or illness to restore maximum function. This job plays a pivotal role in the rehabilitation team, quality as a leader is important. In the United States, we're mostly doing rehabilitation with occupational and language therapists, and we're focusing on the core of comprehensive care. Comprehensive problem-solving approach to assess, plan and re-evaluate from within the House and EBP. The institution educates students in advanced countries about physical therapy. Also, in order to increase foreigners living in Korea, the government is preparing for the rapidly changing health care environment, such as increasing foreign medical demand. We are training the nurturing international physical therapists.

Education Goals

  • To cultivate a global leader physiotherapist with international competitiveness to prepare for the changes in domestic and overseas healthcare environment


Year Major Courses
1st Year General Chemistry and Experimentation, General Biology and Experimentation, Medical Terminology, General Physics and Experimentation, Anatomy, Basic Physiology, etc.
2nd Year Neurology and Practice, Physical and Practical, Pharmacology, Basic Motor Therapy and Practice, Ethical Inspection and Evaluation, etc.
3rd Year Applied Exercise Therapeutics and Practice, Neurology Physical Therapy and Practice, Elderly Physical Therapy and Practice, Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Practice, Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy and Practice, Pediatric Physical Therapy and Practice, etc.
4th Year Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Clinical Practice, Neurological Physical Therapy Clinical Practice, Electrical Radiation Physical Therapy Clinical Practice, Clinical Practice of Pediatric Physiotherapy, Clinical Practice of Elder Physical Therapy, Health Care Law etc.