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Department of Nursing

College of Health and Welfare

Department of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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Globalizing the nursing profession, and preparing ‘global’ nursing leaders for globalized healthcare

  • Global nursing leader preparing for globalization of nursing

Department Overview

The Nursing Department aims to educate nurses with international competitiveness through the operation of the 'International Nursing Curriculum'. Students who have successfully completed this course will be able to provide health services to both national citizens and foreigners.

Education Goals

  • Acquire scientific knowledge and nursing philosophy related to human care
  • Based on scientific knowledge and critical thinking, integrated nursing technology and nursing process
  • Understand nursing professional standards and legal ethical standards, integrate them into nursing practice
  • Demonstrate leadership in healthcare practices and fulfill roles and responsibilities as healthcare professionals


Year Major Courses
1st Year Nursing Philosophy and History, Basic Nursing Seminar, Anatomy, Basic Nursing Practice 1, Health Assessment and Practice, Physiology, Biochemistry, major track (Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian)
2nd Year Basic Nursing Practice 2, Pharmacology, Pathology, Adult Nursing 1, Women Nursing 1, Child Nursing 1, Research Methodology, Health education, health communication, major track (Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian)
3rd Year International Nursing Science 2, 3, Child Nursing 2, Psychiatric Nursing 1 and 2, Community Nursing 1 and 2, Nursing Management 1, Women Nursing 2, Comprehensive Simulation Lab 1, Major Tracks (Arabic, English, Chinese and Russian) 1 · 2, Adult Nursing Practice 1 · 2, Child Nursing Practice, Women Nursing Practice, Mental Nursing Practice, International Global Nursing Practicum
4th Year NCLEX-RN CAT Training, International Global Nursing 3. 4 Nursing Management 2, Healthcare Law, Comprehensive Simulation Lab, Community Nursing Practice, Nursing Management Practice, Selective Nursing Practice