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Department of Fire and Disaster Protection Engineering

College of Health and Welfare

Department of Fire and Disaster Protection Engineering

Department of Fire and Disaster Protection Engineering

Tel : +82-42-629-6770 / Fax : +82-42-629-6779

Education for Professionals in Charge of Fire Safety

  • Education of fire prevention experts responsible for the safety of the people
  • Classes to be Special Adopted to Class 9 Fire Service Officers

Department Overview

The Department of Fire Safety is responsible for preventing or suppressing fires in advance, and for protecting people and property in the event of a disaster. The department trains fire service personnel and fire prevention specialists. Main routes are firefighting services, public recruitment and firefighting. They are hired through a special recruitment test that only students in the relevant department can apply for.

Education Goals

  • Education of competent personnel with the best expertise in the field of fire prevention
  • Enhancing practical skills by strengthening exchanges and cooperation between industry
  • Demand-oriented education through specialized curriculum
  • Strong education to ensure full professional ethics
  • Enhanced customized education considering student progress
  • Building an advanced safety society by settling and implementing safety culture


Year Major Courses
1st Year Mathematics, General Chemistry, Introduction to Firefighting, Firefighting Law, Computer Skills, etc.
2nd Year Safety Management Theory, Firefighting Electric Circuits 1-2, Hydrodynamic1-2, Hazardous Materials, Fire and Combustion, Fire Machine System 1, etc.
3rd Year Machine Risk Prevention Technology, Fire Alarm Engineering, Firefighting Machine System2, Combustion Experiment, Hazardous and Pharmaceutical Chemical Experiment, Fire Extinguishing Chemical, etc.
4th Year Firefighting Facility Design, Gas Safety Engineering, Fire Simulation, First Aid Practice, Gas Safety Engineering, etc.