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Department of Emergency Medical Service

College of Health and Welfare

Department of Emergency Medical Service

Department of Emergency Medical Service

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Emergency Medical Service for a Better Future

  • Improve job competitiveness by fostering field-oriented employees
  • Conduct advanced emergency medical treatment and structural training

Department Overview

Emergency medical education is taught with respect to life and spirit of love, basic medical care, emergency patient care, care assistance, professional emergency treatment. Our medical institution uses the first responder's first-aid, first-aid room, and second-hand room habits to help prevent emergency patients.

Education Goals

The medical institution obtains professional knowledge through basic medicine and emergency patient management, medical supplementation, professional emergency handling theory, and practice. Through clinical practice and field practice of fire department practice, professional emergency medical practitioners are trained to provide emergency treatment anywhere emergency patients occur with respect to their life and spirit of love.


Year Major Courses
1st Year Human Anatomy, Physiology, Public Health, Medical Terminology, Pathology, Basic Human Life Resuscitation
2nd Year Emergency Patient Care, Theory of Emergency Medicine, Mass Accident Management, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, PTSD
3rd Year Specialized Cardiology, Specialist Heart Structure, Specialized Child Emergency Treatment, Environmental and Addiction Emergency Treatment, and Emergency Medical Regulations
4th Year Specialized Skill Management, Neurosurgeon, First Aid Assessment, First Aid Simulation