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Department of Beauty Design Management

College of Health and Welfare

Department of Beauty Design Management

Department of Beauty Design Management

Tel : +82-42-629-6670 / Fax : +82-42-629-6681

The program that trains the designers who will create the beauty of the 21st Century

  • London College of Fashion, Australia Homes Institute, Hong Kong Design Institute, China University of Sandong Arts, Beijing University of Foreign Studies, Vantan Design School, Yamano Beauty College, Tokyo Mode
  • Foreign family companies - Marks & Spencer, ADIDAS, ONE's WORD, ENC Company, etc.
  • On-site-centric training systems delivered by top artists working domestically and abroad

Department Overview

The Department of Beauty Design Management aims to cultivate beauty designers who can lead the total beauty industry by responding to the trends of the times, escaping the discharge of workers in the beauty industry. Overseas employment in Japan, Australia, and Singapore to support international internship programs and to develop an international sense in the UK, Australia, USA, China, and Japan, we are supporting excellent exchange students from overseas sister universities. Accordingly, the Department of Beauty Design Management has a high level of practice-oriented education and overseas sister universities and corporations, we hope to cultivate professional beauty designers who combine international sense and social manners.

Education Goals

  • Education of professional beauty designers and teaching staff (professors) who combine international awareness and foreign language skills


Year Major Courses
1st Year Basic Haircuts, Fashion Makeup, Basic Drawing, Global Cultural Studies, Hair Design, Basic Nail Art, Basic Aesthetic, Global Management, Beauty Styling
2nd Year Internet SNS Marketing, Skin Care, Makeup, Hair Styling, Total Beauty Project, K-Beauty Project, Global Trend Analysis, Public Health, Beauty Theory, Beauty Business Communications, Nail Art, Media/Broadcast Makeup
3rd Year Global expert, Medical Skin Care, Beauty Collection Research, Beauty Education Theory, Beauty Content Creative, hairdressing, 3D makeup simulation, Beauty Advertorial Project, Nail beauty, Beauty Study and Coaching, K-Beauty Marketing, Physiology, Character Makeup, Beautifies, On & Offline Trend Analysis
4th Year K-Beauty Cosmetics Merchandising, Total Beauty Creative Practice, Creative Total Design, Logic and Writing, Business Practices