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Early Childhood Education

College of Health and Welfare

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

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Educate Professionals in Early Childhood Education

  • Train teachers specialized in child education field
  • Education of teachers to reflect global social needs

Department Overview

The department trains specialized teachers by exploring child education theories, including the theory of infant education and systematic practice. In this way, we foster kindergarten teachers, daycare centers teachers, and experts in infant education.

Education Goals

  • Strengthen learning strategies by understanding of child education principles
  • Educate kindergarten teachers who are adaptable to the educational field through reinforcement of teaching staff
  • Encourage teacher’s understanding by strengthening teaching abilities
  • Educate outstanding teachers to develop and implement various child education programs required by society


Year Major Courses
1st Year Child Development, Infant Education Introduction, Infant logic and Essay, Play Map, Language Map, Child Art, School Violence Prevention and Understanding of Students, Introduction of Education, Psychosocial Studies, Education Psychology, etc.
2nd Year Child Literature Education, Curriculum, Child Science, Child Music, Children’s Textbook Study and Teaching, Educational Methods and Coeducation, Educational Philosophy and History, Global Leadership, Creativity and Cultural Arts Understanding, Global Citizenship Education, Education through Digital Media, Children as Learners, Teaching Through Stories, etc.
3rd Year Early Childhood Education Theory, Child Health Education, Child Social Education, Childhood Education Seminar, Infant Teaching Methods, Child Observation and Behavioral Studies, Child Care, Child Math Guidance, Child Education Field, The Development and Evaluation of Child Care Programs, Understanding of Child Education Worldwide, Foreign Language Seminars, Teaching Through Art Method, Cultural and Arts Seminars, Teacher Talk and Games, Special Education Introduction, Education Evaluation, Education Administration and Management, etc.
4th Year Child Teacher Theory, Parent Education Theory, School Field Practice, Child Counseling, Teaching Pactice, Education Activities, etc.