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Department of Health Care Management

College of Health and Welfare

Department of Health Care Management

Department of Health Care Management

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Preparing Today and Leading Tomorrow in Health Care Management

  • Enhance competitiveness in the era of globalization and cultivate practical human resources in healthcare

Department Overview

Health care is an area that continues to grow because ageing society is accelerating and health medical care is increasing. The Department of Health and Medical Management is a department that learns specialized expertise required at medical institutions and simultaneously learns specialized knowledge necessary to engage in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and insurance companies. Through this, cultivate creative healthcare professionals who will contribute to improving healthcare at local, national and global organizations.

Education Goals

  • Ensure knowledge and skills in health care
  • Promote good behavior and work experience as a society
  • Energy of health care personnel that will help society in the future


Year Major Courses
1st Year Anatomical Physiology, Health Care Management Theory, Public Health Studies, Medical Terminology1, Global Healthcare, etc.
2nd Year Medical Terms 2, Health Science, Medical Record, Medical Assurance, Disease and Surgery Classification, etc.
3rd Year Medical Record Warrior, Health Statistics, Cancer Registration, Health Care Law, Medical Record Practice, Medical Information Management, etc.
4th Year Hospital Management Strategy, Management of the National Affairs System, Medical Records Seminar, Health Care Management Seminar 1, 2, etc.