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Department of Speech-Language Therapy and Aural Rehabilitation

College of Health and Welfare

Department of Speech-Language Therapy and Aural Rehabilitation

Department of Speech-Language · Therapy and Aural Rehabilitation

Tel : +82-42-630-9220 / Fax : +82-42-630-9229

Clinic Needs : Practice-oriented Curriculum

  • Strengthen clinical practice skills training to meet clinical field needs in the digital health care era
  • Dual course (language therapy + audiology) curriculum
  • Re-activation of language and training of audiologists
  • Operation of a practical institution called 'Sol Speech & Sol Hearing'
  • Support for interns at renowned hospitals, centers and clinics across the country

Department Overview

Language therapy and Aural rehabilitation department is using language as a tool that can provide appropriate self-activation and rehabilitation services for children and adults who have difficulty in hearing and communicating through the operation of 'Linguistics and Auditory (Audience). We are continuing clinical observation and practice for about 2 years using a 4-semester system for 1 year to strengthen students' clinical skills and employment capacity.

Education Goals

  • Train professionals with the ability to provide the services to those who are experiencing hearing and communication problems
  • Strengthen the job competency by acquiring both language rehabilitation and audiovisual certificates to provide the appropriate services to the target


Year Major Courses
1st Year Special Education Introduction, Auditory Theory, Communication Disorder Theory, Language Development Practice, Language Development Disorder Practice, Language Science
2nd Year Fluency Disorder, Acoustic Sound Disorder, Speech Therapy and Information Engineering, Nerve Speech Disorder, Psychoacoustics, General Hearing Assessment Practice, Diagnosis of Communication Difficulties, General Hearing Aid Evaluation, and Suitability
3rd Year Communication with Aging, Language Rehabilitation with Hearing Impairments, Speech Impairment, Language Rehabilitation Observation, Hearing Aid, Language Examination Practice1, Graduation Project (capstone design), Child Audiovisual Studies, Language Examination Practice, Language re-activation 1, Cochlear Implant Evaluation and Fit, Hearing Aid Evaluation and Compliance Practice, Special Hearing Aid Evaluation, Central Auditory Processing Disorder
4th Year Linguistic Rehabilitation Practice2, School Age Language Disorder, Language Auditory re-activation field Practice, Communication Disability Study Methodology, Language Revitalization Practice, Special Hearing Assessment Practice, Hearing Aid Evaluation and Compliance Practice