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Department of Occupational Therapy

College of Health and Welfare

Department of Occupational Therapy

Department of Occupational Therapy

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To Develop the Next Generation of an Occupational Therapy

  • Execute WFOT formal certification educational institutions and professional occupational therapists with an international perspective
  • Ensure a high pass rate of state exams through learning
  • Training courses for all new students, social workers, second grade, sensory development workers, and certificate acquisition simultaneously
  • Training of field-oriented experts by securing the best clinical practice institution in Korea

Department Overview

Work therapy is not only about personal physical, mental, and cognitive problems, but also about daily activities due to environmental factors. For those who have difficulty performing the task, our students establish meaningful connections through first-class service. Woosong University's Department of Work Treatment offers a wide range of services to individuals, groups, and communities with a macro vision. Our goal is to foster occupational therapists who treat patients with care and expertise.

Education Goals

  • Educate full-fledged occupational therapists who contribute to social welfare through personality education
  • Expand the area of occupational therapy as social needs and values change
  • Education of field-oriented occupational therapists through intensive training by specialized area
  • Education of experts with an international perspective through WFOT certification and international exchange programs
  • Educate occupational therapy leaders who combine basic skills with academic research skills


Year Major Courses
1st Year Overview of Rehabilitation Medicine, Human Anatomy, Psychology, Medical Terminology, Physiology, Therapeutic Work, Task Performance Analysis
2nd Year Daily Activities, Functional Anatomy, Neurotomy, Community Work Therapy Theory, Science and Practice1, Epidemiology, Occupational Therapy Evaluation, Basic Exercise Therapy, Vocational Rehabilitation
3rd Year Understanding of Handicapped Child, Clinical Neuroscience, Community Work Therapy Theory2, Child Work Therapy, Mental Health Care, Neurological Work Therapy, Sensory Processing Disorders and Interventions, Human Exercise, Mental Social Work Therapy Theory and Practice, Occupational Therapy Clinical Practice1, Auxiliary and Rehabilitation
4th Year Graduation Work Research, Cognitive Annuities, Musculoskeletal Work Therapy, Occupational Therapy Clinical Practice2, Sensory Rehabilitation Clinical Practice5, Occupational Therapy Clinical Practice, 4 Community Care Clinical Practice6, Medical Relations Act, Public Health