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Department of Global Child Education

College of Health and Welfare

Department of Global Child Education

Department of Global Child Education

Tel : +82-42-630-9260 / Fax : +82-42-630-9269

Global child education professionals for future society

  • Train child education experts in accordance with the global era
  • Establish a systemic knowledge structure and train on-site customized experts through practical training

Department Overview

The Global Children's Education Department aims to cultivate professionals with academic backgrounds and practical skills for children's education in connection with the global era. It is aimed at cultivating international senses in the fields of infant child care, child English education, child counseling and treatment, family and child welfare service, at an advanced educational program

Education Goals

  • Diversify children's education and train global experts who are sensitive to culture and to changes in society and have foreign language skills
  • Guide children to grow in a well-developed environment, the right knowledge, skills, and the training of a child care specialist with attitude


Year Major Courses
1st Year Child Development, Introduction to Child Care, Understanding of Child Welfare Sites, Children’s Rights and Welfare, Child English Education, etc.
2nd Year Children’s Music, Language Instruction, Play, Child Health Education, Child Care, English Literature
3rd Year Child Observation and Behavior Research, Child Life Guidance, Child Counseling, Child English and Culture Education, Child English Teaching Media Production, etc.
4th Year Childcare Practice, Childcare Teacher Humanity Theory, Nursery School Operation and Management, Children's English Class Study etc.