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Department of Social Welfare

College of Health and Welfare

Department of Social Welfare

Department of Social Welfare

Tel : +82-42-630-9830 / Fax : +82-42-630-9829

Implementing Social Welfare Through Top Quality and Innovative Social Welfare Education

  • Executive welfare implementation through future-oriented social welfare education

Department Overview

The Department of Social Welfare provides education to harmonize the regional practices of Korean society with a global perspective based on the values of human rights.

Education Goals

  • Training social welfare experts to harmonize global views and regional practices


Year Major Courses
1st Year Understanding of Modern Society, Human Behavior and Social Environment, Introduction of Social Welfare, Human Rights, Social Welfare Theory, Child Welfare Theory, Volunteer Theory, Child Care Introduction, Social Welfare Future Plan
2nd Year Welfare and Management, Social Welfare Technology, Community Welfare Theory, Social Welfare Counseling Theory and Practice, Mental Health Theory, Understanding of Human and Welfare through Media Family Problems, Treatment, Social Welfare Research, Disability Welfare Theory, Welfare for the Elderly
3rd Year Social Welfare Administration, School Social Welfare Theory, Social Welfare Data Analysis Theory, Social Welfare Program Development and Evaluation, Self-directed Social Welfare Research Task1, Social Welfare Policy Theory, Social Welfare Field Practice, Family Welfare Theory, Self-directed Social Welfare Research Task 2 Social Welfare Ethics and Philosophy and Social Welfare Administration Practice
4th Year Case management Theory, Self-management Policy Establishment, Social Security Theory, Youth Welfare, Social Welfare and Social Welfare Law