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Department of Hotel & Tourism Management

College of Hotel and Culinary Arts

Department of Hotel & Tourism Management

Department of Hotel & Tourism Management

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The Leader in Hotel & Tourism Management for the 21st Century

  • Employ knowledge and practical skills as experts in hotel tourism
  • Education of global service through practical education programs and intensive training of foreign languages
  • Multiple practical education systems based on the connection between industry and academia

Department Overview

Our department fosters future experts who will lead the hotel tourism industry. Our program combines European-style practical education with American-style theoretical education system, research faculty and specialized facilities for practical education.

Education Goals

Hotel tourism management department of real service practice. A foreign language immersion program that provides the most hours, overseas training and studies at sisterhood colleges, and industry partners. Through overseas exchange programs, we can aid our students to become experts in the international hotel tourism industry.


Year Major Courses
1st Year Basic Chinese 1st, 2nd Tourism Institute, Business Administration, Visit the Service Industry, Global Manners and Etiquette, Hotel Management Theory, Hotel Tourism Accounting Principle, Beverage Coffee Interest, Global Cultural Interest
2nd Year Practical English Immersion Program1 and 2, English Communication Sklis1 and 2, Basic Chinese 1 and 2, Tourism law, Resort Management Theory, Hotel Tourism Marketing Strategy Practice, Event Festival Management Practice, Hotel Guest Room Management Theory, Convention Industry Theory and International Conference Planning Management Practice
3rd Year Practical English Immersion Program 3/4, Intermediate Chinese, Wine Management, Casino Industry Theory, Tourism Theory, Sommelier Practice, Airline Reservation Practice, Graduation Homework Study, Advanced Chinese language, Travel Product Planning Management Practice, Customer Satisfaction Leader Management Practice, English Presentation Skills1,2, Service Management Project, Air ticket practice
4th Year Hotel Tourism Chinese, Interview English, Practical TOEIC, Hotel Tourism Management Strategy, Hotel Tourism Case Study, Hotel Tourism Service Theory