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Culinary Nutrition Science

College of Hotel and Culinary Arts

Culinary Nutrition Science

Culinary Nutrition Science

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Foster Future Food Nutrition and Food Industry Managing Experts Responsible for Nutrition and Health

  • Nutrition knowledge and cooking techniques
  • Promoting cooking services, nutrition projects, and human resources for nutritional counseling
  • Development of ingredients in the food industry, training of food processing and food hygiene experts

Department Overview

The Department of Food, Cooking and Nutrition is a field that contributes to the future society in two areas: bio and food science majors. The goal is to develop food products with high creativity and expertise, and foster nutrition experts.

Education Goals

  • Biomedical science major
    • Food with a leading creative power in the field of training experts
    • High employment rate as a result of a good assessment of graduate performance achieve a virtuous circle.
  • Food nutrition major
    • Specialized practice-oriented education to train excellent nutrition experts with on-site adaptability
    • Obtained various certificates for nutrition and food


Year Major Courses
Biomedical science major Food nutrition major
1st Year Introduction to Food Materials, Public Health, Basic Chemistry, Nutrition and Health, Basic Hygiene, Biology, Food Science
2nd Year Basic biochemistry, food microbiology, food biochemistry, Evaluation of agricultural products, Big Data and food quality, Food microbiology experiment, Food chemistry, biochemistry, Food hygiene, Food manufacturing process, and livestock processing Nutrition, cooking principles and practice, Korean cooking, Food management, food chemistry1, nutrition pathology, Nutritional Biochemistry1, Physiological, Experimental Cooking
3rd Year Food Hygiene Code, Food Processing Materials Research and Guidance Act, Food processing education theory, food analysis experiment, food chemistry 2 Food toxicology, fermented food science, food hygiene management practice, Graduate homework study, food processing experiment, food additive science, General design of food bio-window 1 Food packing Clinical nutrition, food hygiene, nutrition education, food chemistry, Nutrition biochemistry 2, advanced nutrition 1, diet and practice, Advanced nutrition 2, mobile medicine food, Nutrition study and guidance law, food hygiene law, Food microbiology experiment, group feeding and practice, General design for nutrition, practice at Yeongyang Temple Site
4th Year logic and state (discuss), association of genes, analysis of instruments,Application of HACCP, food efficiency,Fermented microbiology, General Design of Food Biochang 2 logic and state (discuss), birth-cycle nutrition, food management, Community nutrition, nutrition judgment practice, Nutrition education and consultation practice, large quantity cooking in the dining industry, Nutritional metabolism, special nutrition, food processing and storage