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Food Service/Culinary Art Management

College of Hotel and Culinary Arts

School of Culinary Arts (Food Service/Culinary Art Management)

School of Culinary Arts (Food Service/Culinary Art Management)

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Cultivating Professionals in Food Service & Culinary Arts Management

  • Asia's Best Food Cooking College
  • Train global fusion chefs
  • Architecture education system
  • Education of experts in line with the development of the food industry

Department Overview

The Department of Food, Cooking, and Management is based on the state-of-the-art laboratory and lecture system, which provides excellent international sense. The goal is to foster professionals. Our major is not only cooking but also food and beverage operation course and various food industries. We train managers who know the importance of cooking and management skills, by conducting theory and practical education. We are conducting education and research by providing various courses to enhance our thinking ability and management skills. In order to improve the curriculum and abundant field experience, we operate overseas internship courses to improve the domestic and overseas experience. Our graduates can work anywhere, who are also restaurant experts when it comes to meals and distribution.

Education Goals

  • The cultivation of experts to keep up with the development of the food industry


Year Major Courses
1st Year Food Hygiene and HACCP, Business School Theory, 3S, Cooking Terminology and Basic Cooking Practice, Escoffee, Restaurant Management Theory, Cooking Principles and Nutrition, Restaurant Creation Practice - Korean Cooking, Bakery, and Beverage Introduction
2nd Year Human Resources Management in the Restaurant Industry, Cooking in the Restaurant Industry, Cooking in Foreign Countries, Cooking in Chinese Restaurant Management Theory, Restaurant Creation Practice - Japanese cuisine, Service Manners Practice, Restaurant Marketing, Accounting Principles, Development of Restaurant Menu, Food Styling Practice, Food Style Service Practise, Modern French Cooking, Foodservice trend Analysis Project
3rd Year Restaurant Management Practice, Restaurant Promotion System, Restaurant Business Establishment Analysis Facility Design, Table Service Practice, Food Market Research Project, Wine and Sommelier, Food Creation Theory, Capstone Design (study of graduation work), Menu Analysis and Planning
4th Year Analysis and Utilization of Management Information, Service Sector English, Theory of Consumer Behavior, Group food Management, Foodservice industry-linked Job Consulting and Restaurant Creation Consulting Theory