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Global Korean Culinary Arts

College of Hotel and Culinary Arts

School of Culinary Arts (Global Korean Culinary Arts)

School of Culinary Arts (Global Korean Culinary Arts)

Tel : +82-42-629-6560 / Fax : +82-42-629-6497

Bring up World-class Chefs and Entrepreneurs in Food Industry

  • Development of Creativity
  • Development of Global Mind
  • Cultivation of Professional Korean Chefs

Department Overview

Global Korean Food System (KHF) is a systematic education about traditional Korean food for understanding scientific and technic of Korean cuisine. We train through internships by combining real-world start-up operations programs. In order to develop a Korean-style chef with an accurate understanding and an international mindset, we provide both cooking and foreign language education.

Education Goals

  • Increase proficiency in English to keep up with the latest international education trends
  • Understand the diversity of food culture in an era of diversifying internationalization, specialization and functionalization
  • Training of advanced professional personnel through acquisition of high quality cooking skills focusing on practical use


Year Major Courses
1st Year Korean Cuisine Foundation and Culture, Butcher and Fish Paste Recipe, 3S (Stock, Sauce, Soup), Nutrition, Rice, Sweet and Sour Pork, Baking, Traditional Food Ingredients
2nd Year Palace Food Practice, Food Hygiene Program, Japanese Cooking Practice, Western Cooking Practice, Korean Culinary Principle, Kimchi Practice, Traditional Bottle Practice, Traditional Noodle Practice, Table Service Practice, Regional Cuisine
3rd Year Food Adjustment, Cost Control, Fermented Food, Food Safety Regulations, Herbal Medicine Dishes, Korean Food Field Experience Practice, Overseas Joint Cooking, Start-up Practice at Korean Restaurant, Start-up Theory of Korean Restaurant, Cooking Science, Food Consumption Culture and Psychology, Regional Cuisine, Table Service Practice, Wine and Beverages
4th Year Capstone Design, Costumes, Guardianship Practice, Buddhist Cuisine, Chinese Cooking Practice, Traditional Korean Food