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Culinary Arts

College of Hotel and Culinary Arts

School of Culinary Arts (Culinary Arts)

School of Culinary Arts (Culinary Arts)

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Bring up World-class Chefs and Entrepreneurs in Food Industry

  • Asia's Top Food Cooking College
  • Train global fusion chefs
  • Architecture education system
  • Education of experts in line with the development of the food industry

Department Overview

Our program simulates a modern restaurant kitchen. Using a high-tech laboratory and a lecture system that provides a high level of international sensitivity, we have an effective curriculum that offers numerous overseas internships. Our goal is to have our students to acquire foreign language skills and practice foreign adaptability to compete the modern culinary market. We are the best cooks who can work both at home and abroad. Our goal is to foster professional cooks who develop related professional food service industry management skills. Also, Ministry of Food and Drug Administration Foreign chefs from 10 countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Our self-operating restaurant and start-up learning gives the opportunity to start a business.

Education Goals

  • Training professional chefs with international competitiveness
  • Education of diverse experts in the field of developing consciousness and food
  • Education of cooking-related teaching staff (teacher)


Year Major Courses
1st Year Basic Cooking Exercise, 3S (Stock, Sauce, Soup), Cooking Introduction, World Food and Culture, Baking Bread, Escape, Ministry Practice, Restaurant Management, Nutrition, Korean Cooking
2nd Year Chinese Cooking Practice, Japanese Cooking Practice, Ingredients Management, Restaurant Trend Analysis Project, Pharmaceutical Cooking, Foreign Cooking, Food Hygiene and HACCP, Food Science and Experimentation, Kitchen Management Theory, Italian Restaurant Practice, Foodservice Marketing, Market Research Project
3rd Year On-site experience, Restaurant Creation Practice, Menu Analysis and Horticulture, Cooking Textbook Logic and Modern French Cooking Practice, Traditional Water Humidity, World Cooking Seminar, Analysis of Taste and Hyang Scent, Modern Korean Food Practice, Restaurant Management Project, Buffet and Catering Practices, Modern Asiari Practice, Cooking Science, Traditional Sorghum, Consumer Behavior and Marketing, Breakfast, Restaurant Creation Project, Cooking Materials Study and Teaching Method
4th Year Capstone Design, Wine and Drink, Food Styling Practice, Puffer Fish Cooking Practice, Food Processing, Analysis and Practice of Cooking Food, Theory of Cooking Education, and Understanding of Culture Trend