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Media Design Video Major

College of Software Convergence

Technology · School of Techno-media Convergence (Media Design Video Major)

Technology · School of Techno-media Convergence
(Media Design Video Major)

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Digital Creator with Creative Thinking and Professional Ability for 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Training of digital creators with communication skills in the 4th Industrial Revolution era
  • Branded experience designers who can transfer experience value into design
  • Media creators with creative planning and advanced video production practices

Department Overview

The Media Design / Video Department has a high-tech image production facility. We teach creative and design skills, so our graduates can deliver information, including image production relevant to 4th Industrial Revolution communication. We focus on brand experience designers who can innovate the value of experience on various platforms in the personal device era. Our graduates are media creators who can plan and produce excellent videos.

Education Goals

  • In the 4th Industrial Revolution, the brand experience designer is trained to communicate brands to consumers based on core communication skills.
  • We train media creators to utilize creative video planning capabilities and cutting-edge technologies from the 4th Industrial Revolution era for various platforms such as streaming and broadcasting on YouTube.
  • Specialized process for fostering fusion human resources with design and video planning
    (motion graphics/3D graphics/animation)


Courses Major Courses
Basic major Courses Basic Visual and Video Design, Typography, Illustration
Major Based Education UX Design, Brand Design, Computer Graphics, Visualization and Editing
Major Based Education Motion Graphics, Broadcasting Images, Brand Experience Design, Animation
Specialization Brand Experience Design Project, Studio Image, and Video Special Effects