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Department of Smart IT and

College of Software Convergence

School of Information Technology Convergence (Department of Smart IT and)

School of Information Technology Convergence
(Department of Smart IT and)

Tel : +82-42-630-9850 / Fax : +82-42-630-9719

Training Advanced Experts Based on IT Convergence

  • Train global ICT workforce with creative and convergence thinking to lead the 4th industrial revolution
  • Train practical experts with expertise in the Internet of Things, Information Protection and Network field based on mobile software (App/web)

Department Overview

Smart IT requires the latest smart IT convergence technology for the 4th Industrial Revolution
(Internet of Things, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Acquiring augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc.), smart mobile, smartphone app development, information protection, and advanced software development IT talent such as smart network, the internet of Things. We are responding to the demand of Smart Media, by implementing strategies in ICT Converged Software Development. Our graduates are the best experts with the creative ability that demonstrates superior competence in Specialized Process for Mobile/Information Protection and Converged Thinking Development.

Education Goals

Education Goals


Year Major Courses
1st Year Programming Introduction, Web Programming, ICT, Structural programming, Practice mobile apps, C programming, Operating system exercise, c language application implementation
2nd Year Computer structure, Information security, Data structure exercise, Object-oriented programming, Information processing practice, Object oriented programming, Database, Mobile processor, Computer network exercise, Multimedia practice, Internet of Things project
3rd Year Java programming, mobile software engineering, smart data computing, mobile programming, Computer network security, mobile programming applications, creative general design1, Java application programming, Big Data statistics, Mobile operating system, Object Internet Security Project.
4th Year Creative comprehensive design 2, System security practice, IoT application practice, Data mining