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Railroad Vehicle System Engineering

College of Railroad Transportation

Railroad Vehicle System Engineering

Railroad Vehicle System Engineering

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Railway Vehicle Engineers Leading the Renovation of Whole Railway System in the 21C

  • The 1st university in Korea of railroad driver's license
  • Professional training through Korean railroad cooperation
  • Personalized real training in train-vehicle and train vehicle operation
  • MOU agreement with railroad corporations
  • Overseas employment program operation

Department Overview

The Department of Railway Vehicle Systems focuses on train vehicles, eco-friendly, low-carbon, transportation system of the 21st century. Railways are becoming more important as a means of transportation to enable humans to make new choices amidst global warming. Countries around the world are speeding up the railway industry in the wake of the Green Economy wave, and rail cars are at the center of the rail industry. With the introduction of new concepts and technologies such as light railroads, as well as the accelerated high-speed trains, the demand for railway engineers is increasing. The Department of Railway Vehicle Systems has established 'Rail Safety Act, Emergency Measures for Railroad Operation, General Theory for Train Operation' as part of the training program for 'Woosong Railway Department'. We foster the next generation of experts in the Korean railway field who will advance into the world along with the Korea Train Express, which has developed independently by domestic technology (the fourth in the world).

Education Goals

  • Train specialists in railroad industry
  • Train experts with the signing of cooperation agreements with Korea Railroad Corporation, railway industry and other related companies
  • Train students by operating a practical railway curriculum
  • Cultivate experts through the internships


Year Major Courses
1st Year Understanding of Modern Railways, Mathematics, Physics, Political Mechanics, etc.
2nd Year Railway Vehicle Engineering, Material Mechanics, Thermodynamics, CAD, etc.
3rd Year Railway Vehicle Element Design, Vehicle Dynamics, Air Pressure of Rail Vehicles, Internal Combustion Engine, Vehicle Electrical Engineering, Railway Safety Engineering, etc.
4th Year Railway Vehicle Maintenance, Rail Control System, Railway Environmental Engineering, etc.