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Department of Railroad Civil System Engineering

College of Railroad Transportation

Department of Railroad Civil System Engineering

Department of Railroad Civil System Engineering

Tel : +82-42-629-6710 / Fax : +82-42-629-6709

Professional Railroad Engineers Working Towards a Railroad Renaissance

  • The 1st railroad driving licenses in Korea
  • Railway construction : Railway engineer, controller license acquisition course
  • Overseas training : MOU with Modern Engineering & Construction Institute
  • Internships in domestic and overseas railway corporations

Department Overview

The Department of Railroad aid students to become professionals required by society. Through ecofriendly railway construction and specialized education courses for overseas rail market development, our graduates lead the construction of a global railway infrastructure. We teach students the strategies for the international advancement of railway technology by minimizing noise, vibration and carbon generation. Our students learn to create new high-speed rail vehicles.

Education Goals


Build the best railway education system in Asia

Establishment of cooperation between local universities

  • Expand network of the local railway industry
  • Mini Clust Industry-Crossed System
  • Industry-based training (EOD)

Establishment of Global Industry Cooperation System

  • Establish Woosong international railway center and support for overseas railway business
  • Build an Asian Network (Overseas Student Exchange Programs)
  • International Cooperation of Overseas Railroad Institute

Innovative education system

  • 1 year 4 semesters
  • 2 track course
  • 7 + 1 + 7 block system
  • Minor and Major Courses


Year Major Courses
1st Year Mathematics, Understanding of Modern Railway, CAD Practice, Railway System Engineering, Eco - Friendly Railway
2nd Year Understanding of Power, Construction Safety Management, Railway Material and Experiment, Industrial Hygiene Management, Application of Railroad Surveying and Practice, Modification of Object
3rd Year Reinforced Concrete Structural Design, Railway Construction Engineering, Mechanics, Railway Structure Design, Construction Process Management and Practice, Soil Dynamics, Water Resources Engineering, BIM Practice Construction Project Management
4th Year Railway Design and Maintenance, Global Railway Planning, Orbital Mechanics, Construction Marketing, Bridge Engineering, Construction Engineering, International Construction Contract Commentary, IT Infrastructure Construction Management