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Department of Railroad Electrical System Engineering

College of Railroad Transportation

Department of Railroad Electrical System Engineering

Department of Railroad Electrical System Engineering

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Providing Quality Education with Practical Skills

  • Training in prestigious companies through agreements with KORAIL and Korea Railroad
  • International joint degree program and internship

Department Overview

The Department of Railroad Electrical System Engineering trains engineers by cultivating basic and professional knowledge of electrical and signal control fields that play the main role in the pursuit of rapid train speed and automation. In order to make experts in electric railways and railroad signals in the railway industry, our department focuses on practical education through theoretical knowledge and laboratory practice. In addition, we have established and operated diverse education systems, including individual training, and the company's order training courses.

Education Goals

  • Make professionals in electric railroad
  • Make professionals in railway signaling
  • Make professionals in railway communication
  • Make professionals in railway vehicle operation
  • Make professionals in railway safety


Year Major Courses
1st Year Physics 1 · 2, Mathematics 1 · 2, Digital System, Understanding of Hyundai Railway, Programming Language, CAD
2nd Year Circuit Theory 1 · 2, Electromagnetics, Electric Railway Engineering 1 · 2, Microprocessor, Rail Glossary, Urban Railway Engineering, Railway Signal Electronics Practice 1 · 2, Railway Electric Power Practice 1 · 2
3rd Year Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Power Engineering, Control System, Electronic Circuit, Electronic Circuit Experiment, Railway Signal Engineering 1 and 2, Electric Railway Structural Engineering, Electric Railway and Railway Signal 1 · 2
4th Year High-speed train system, Train Control Facility, Electric Railway, Railway Signal, Railway Communication System, CAD Practice