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Department of Logistics System

College of Railroad Transportation

Department of Logistics System

Department of Logistics System

Tel : +82-42-630-9330 / Fax : +82-42-630-9339

Training Experts in Transport and Logistics

  • Educate top transportation logistic experts
  • Make global specialists through international programs in other countries (Japan, China etc.)

Department Overview

With the development of the global smart logistics market based on advanced IT technology and the rapid growth of the e-commerce market , the importance of logistic systems is increasing. The Department of Logistics System aims to make students professionals in logistics by systematically practice related to understanding, designing, analyzing and optimizing advanced logistics systems to effectively support the rapid and accurate logistics delivery service industry innovation.

Education Goals

  • Train logistics specialists with the ability to design and analyze logistics systems
  • Strengthen global IT capabilities through basic concepts of logistics, IT, and foreign languages
  • Systematization of core advanced logistics knowledge required by practices such as logistics automation, network design, simulation, and 3D logistics design


Year Major Courses
1st Year Understanding of Modern Railway, Understanding of Computer Language, Logistics Theory, Distribution Management 1, Distribution Management 2, Understanding of SCM, Transportation system theory, Logistics Information System
2nd Year Management Science, Logistics Management, Freight Transportation, Logistics Management 1, Logistics Management 2, ERP Management, Data Mining, Storage Unloading, Railway Transportation
3rd Year Management Science, International Logistics, Logistics Law, Logistics Investigation Methodology, Packaging Theory, Logistics Case Study1, Logistics Marketing Theory, Logistics Accounting, Transportation Practice, and Graduation Tasks
4th Year Career Work, Public Spelling, Logistics CRM, Logistics Practice, Logistics English, Logistics Optimization Theory, Combined Transport Theory