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Railroad Management

College of Railroad Transportation

Railroad Management

Railroad Management

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Training Experts in Railroad Management

  • Educate experts ahead of the domestic and international trends
  • Academic cooperation with businesses related to railway construction, rail facilities and rail industry
  • Internship in the institutions of cooperation
  • Practical railway curriculum

Department Overview

Railroad Management aims to foster specialists in the railway industry (passenger / freight, marketing, transportation / commissioning and administration). We cooperate with Korea Railroad Corporation, Korea Railroad Facilities Corporation and railway industry related companies. It operates curriculum and runs internships at industry-academia cooperation institutions. In addition, we have opened 'Rail Safety Act, Train Emergency Measures, Electric Train Theory, and Urban Rail Systems' classes to support the ‘Vehicle Driver License' training program.

Education Goals

  • Specialization : to make professionals in railroad industry through real practice and internships in cooperation partners companies.
  • Internalization: to cultivate skills in English and second language by offering study opportunities in overseas partner universities


Year Major Courses
1st Year Understanding of new railroad, Principles of Business Administrations, Introduction to Distribution Management1·2, Railway Management1·2, Public Transportation Theory, Management Strategy
2nd Year Railway Management, Principles of Marketing, New Transportation System, Basic Railroad English Immersion1 · 2, Railway Management Analysis 1 · 2, Railway Marketing, Railway Service Manner, International Business, Railway System Engineering
3rd Year Intermediate Railroad English Immersion1 · 2, Railway Passenger Transport Theory, Railway Survey Analysis, International Marketing, Railway Policy Theory (Combined Minor Major Course), Railway Management Case Study1 · 2 (Major Team Project)
Advanced Railroad English Immersion1 · 2, Graduation Research, Railway Cargo Logistics, Urban Railway, Customer Management (CRM), Railway Sales Practice (Minor in Combined Major Course)
4th Year Railway Planning Theory, Railway Industry Trend Analysis, International Railway Theory, Traffic Economy Theory, Business Negotiation, Management of Public Enterprise