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Vision 2030

Vision 2030

VISION 2030 Establishment Process and Direction

GPS (Globalization, Partnership, Specialization)

  • The need for GPS, according to our external environment analysis, is becoming more and more important.
  • In the last performance evaluation, GPS has contributed tremendously to the growth of Woosong University.

Systematic / Leading Preparation for Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • With a high interest in the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a national agenda, it is still difficult to define and prepare for such a radical change at the government/corporate level.
  • Under these circumstances, if a university take systematic preparations and a leading position during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is possible to gain advantage over other universities.

Increase importance of securing foreign students and establishing overseas campus

  • The importance of securing foreign students due to the decreasing number of domestic students, especially the need for diversification beyond China.
  • Expand strategic partnerships outside of Korea to maintain and enhance leadership over international joint campuses.

Increasing the Importance of Industry-University Collaboration in GLOCAL Perspective

  • Establish collaborative clusters through industry-academia / cooperative networks through linkage with local communities, eco-systems, etc., as well as industry-university cooperation with global corporations.

Bachelor's / Administration / Training System Establishment at Global Leading Level

  • Acquire training systems and infrastructure to support the organization's capabilities.

Human resource systematization and sophistication

  • Improving upon our four human resources awards, by responding to domestic and international needs.



  • The creation of Smart University is necessary in the 4th Industrial Revolution. A Smart University has a comprehensive training program to strengthen soft powers and skills, as well as an infrastructure perspective based on ICT technology.
  • We shall continue globalization, by making the world as our strategic playground

[VISION 2030] Phased Achievement Plan

1st Step (2017~2020) : “Establishment of High Valued Education System”

  • To have more than 3,000 international students; to have two colleges enter the domestic top 10; to build more than 3 overseas campuses.
  • To complete a global environment for Bachelor / Administration / Education system.

2nd Step (2021~2025) : “Establishment of Global Smart Campus 1.0”

  • To have more than 4,000 international students; to have three colleges enter the domestic top 10; to build more than 5 overseas campuses.
  • To complete Fourth Industry Global Infrastructure to achieve our goals.

3rd Step (2026~2030) : “Upgrading of Global Smart Campus 2.0”

  • To have more than 5,000 international students; to have four colleges enter the domestic top 10; to build more than 7 overseas campuses.
  • To build a management system at a global leading company system to achieve our goals.

Woosong University’s Talents

Global Talent

  • To have people with the right personality for a global society
  • To be talented in foreign languages communication skills
  • To have the ability to build an international network

Human Resource Management Talent

  • To have excellent problem-solving skills based on flexible thinking
  • To be able to represent a vision from different perspectives
  • To have the self-study ability

Practical Professional Talent

  • To be able to apply academic knowledge in real world scenarios
  • To be able to contribute to industry and society by sharing professional knowledge and expertise
  • To be inspired to practice lifelong learning and knowledge exploration