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The Reason for Establishing of Woosong University

Woosong Spirit

  • The Woosong University was established in 1995 through the Woosong Education Foundation (1954) with the statement: “The pencil reflects the possibility to study,” and with the spirit of “cultivating practical talents with knowledge and skills necessary for Global Life.”

Woosong Mission

  • The purpose of establishing of the Woosong Corporation was “to carry out early childhood education and higher education based on the educational philosophy of the Republic of Korea."


  • (自立 Self-reliance) : to be confident and independent
  • (端正, Decency) : to have the right personality to treat fellow human beings
  • (篤行, Implementation) : to have the faith to overcome fear with real actions
Educational Ideology Woosong Spirit Creating Global and Creative Convergence Practical Talent
Vision Self-reliance(自立), Decency(端正), Implementation(篤行)

Educational Goals

To aid a student’s self-realization, so that a student can contribute to national development through education, academic research and community service; and to cultivate the talents necessary for each filed of Korean society.

Educational Objectives

Cultivating practical talents with the right personality and creative convergence capabilities leading the global society.

  • To develop foreign languages skills and foster a global spirit, in order to cultivate leadership in the global era.
  • To learn and apply practical expertise and skills with creative fusion capabilities to lead national, industrial, and regional economic development.
  • To contribute to the establishment of a proper nation state and mankind’s prosperity through the cultivation of the right personality and self-independence.

Educational Motto

Our university has the power to change tomorrow