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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

University Philosophy

In the pursuit of truth, one must develop pride, dignity, and will. Through spiritual clarity and independence, Woosong University works to embody humanitarian ideologies. Woosong strives to educate students to become devoted members of the human race, to practice good spirits, and to evolve into efficient members of society.

Educational Objective

Under the educational principles of Korea, Woosong University is governed by the ideology of independence, righteousness, and goodness. We provide students the opportunity for a high level of educational advancement. Woosong is dedicated to those students who want to learn professional knowledge and those who strive to attain the technological skills and research practices necessary for the present and the future industrial society. Woosong University also dedicates itself to the cultivation of people who devote themselves to national and social developments as well as improvements.

Educational Goal

  • To nurture a life-long learner who continues to develop themselves intellectually and morally throughout their lives
  • To develop a culturally rich person who will lead an internationally global and information-orientated society
  • To educate specialists with a high level of hands-on knowledge and practice of technology
  • To cultivate a professional career person with a clear sense of direction and the special skills needed in their field of study
  • To bring up a motivated person who will actively volunteer and provide service to his or her community

University Principles

  • Independence: A spirit of self-reliance
  • Righteousness: An upright mind and moral will
  • Goodness: A devotion to integrity and practice

University Motto

Paving the way to a stronger and brighter future


Asian Center of Excellence In Global Education


Guiding the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders with Our Hearts