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2020 Spring Semester guide for sequential implementation of Face-to-Face courses per Department

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2020 Spring Semester guide for sequential

implementation of Face-to-Face courses per Department

Originally,spring semester face-to-face classes (attendance class/offline) were supposedto be fully implemented from 05/06/2020. However, in order to take measures toextend government’s social distancing and to effectively respond to theprevention of the spread of COVID19, university informs you that the start offace-to-face classes by department will be implemented sequentially starting frompracticum subjects as follows.


<Face-to-face/offlineclasses per department by date>

Start Date for Face-to-Face

By School/Department





05/06/2020 (Wed)

School of Culinary Arts, School of Food Science & Nutrition, School of SICA, SIRES, Emergency Medical Service, School of Fire Protection & Safety, Physical Therapy, Business Academy, Speech Language therapy and Aural Rehabilitation, Game Multi-Media Major Drone Course, Video Contents Major XR Contents Course

This is limited to some practical subjects only (each department will provide additional information)


 05/11/2020 (Mon)

Face-to-Face classes for all other departments not mentioned above (includes all General Education classes)



*May 11 (Mon) Face-to-Face/offline classes may be further delayed in thefuture depending on the government’s response to prevent the spread of COVID19and thus, in the event of further postponement; midterm exam period willalso be equally postponed.

*Start date for face-to-face/offline classes by department will be according toeach department’s established courses (For example, in the case of CulinaryArts which starts face-to-face classes on May 6th, practicum subjects that arefor this major and track are conducted as face-to-face classes)

*2020 Spring Semester schedule may be re-adjusted according to the spread ofCOVID19 infection and the government’s response. END.




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