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Additional Announcement for 2020 Spring Semester Online Class Operation

카테고리 : | 작성자 : 관리자 | 작성일 : 2020.03.17 | 조회수 : 179

Additional Announcement for 2020 Spring Semester Online ClassOperation


To prevent the spread of Corona-19 infection, our University would like to announce the conduction of online classes for the first 5 weeks of Spring Semester as follows:


1. Target Subject :  All opened classes of Spring Semester 

2. Target : All enrolled students

3. Period :  5 weeks from the semester start date (2020. 3. 23(Mon) ~ 4. 24(Fri))

4. Online Teaching Methods

     - Access real-time video lecture (Zoom) by logging in University LMS (

     - As all classes are conducted in real-time video lectures, student must log in at the

       designated class time.


* Attachment : You can find the real-time video lecture (Zoom) manual on the LMS notice announcement.

※ Please note that the duration of online classes may be extended depending

    on the spread of ‘Corona-19’ infection.