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SIRA undergraduate student published in SCI/SCIE journal 첨부파일

카테고리 : | 작성자 : Admin | 작성일 : 2018.12.07 | 조회수 : 41

Sol International Railway and Transportation Management Department (SIRA) Undergraduate Student Published in SCI/SCIE Journal

Sol International Railway and Transportation Management Department (SIRA) is extremely pleased to share an academic achievement story by one of our students. Mr. MinKyo Lee, a senior student at SIRA, has recently published an original research paper as the first author on a SCI/SCIE tier journal. This is probably the very first publication by SIS student to publish on an international journal. The journal article is titled “The Application of Aerodynamic Brakes for High-Speed Trains”, where the authors suggested an efficiency of the aerodynamic brakes by studying the relation between the variation of drag and the braking distance of high-speed trains.

Mr. Lee said, “In the beginning, it was just a silly idea from my childish curiosity, so I never really thought that I could publish a paper. I’m deeply grateful to my advisor, Prof. Binayak Bhandari, for keeping encouraging and guiding and believing in an undergraduate student like me.” 

SIRA and SIS family congratulates Mr. Lee for this achievement and hopes this to be the beginning of publications by SIS students.