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1) Eligibility Requirements
  * Applicants must have received at least 2 years of education (elementary, junior high, or high school) outside of Korea.
  * Applicants must have completed high school in order to be considered for admission.
  * Applicants must hold foreign nationalities and also have parents who are foreign citizens to be considered for
    international student admission.
  * Applicants who are Korean citizens with permanent residence overseas are also eligible to apply.

2) Required Documents
  * Completed application
  * Certificates of Completion (or Diplomas) from elementary, junior high, and high schools.
  * Official transcripts from elementary, junior high, and high schools.
  * Certificate of Nationality. (or Passport)
  * Certificate of Alien Registration. (only required for those who are currently residing in Korea.)
  * Financial Affidavit or Certificate of Account Balance (of the student or a sponsor) stating that there is a minimum
    balance of U.S. $10,000 deposit for at least one month.

Please note that required documents are subject to change. All documents must be written in Korean or in English. Before application, it is recommended that students contact the Global Center for additional assistance.

3) Contact
  * Global Center, Mr. SEO Kang Jin
       - Tel. +82-42-630-9373
       - E-mail.

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