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President's Message

Letter from President of Woosong to the Students

May I say how wonderful it is to welcome you to Woosong University. Since it was first opened in 1995, Woosong has been a leader in innovation and providing "value added" to our graduates. Our diverse programs that reflect the needs of today's - and tomorrow's - society probably featured in your ultimate decision to join us here in Daejeon.

Whatever the reason, I wish to make a clear commitment to you, that your time will be well spent.
Woosong has basic core values that - when developed - will serve you extremely well as you enter the competitive world of business or government service. Such fundamental values as integrity, excellence, creativity, diversity, flexibility, and innovation will be the hallmark of the education you receive at Woosong. These values will stand by you even if the technical details of your own specialization change over time.

While you are at Woosong University, take advantage of our excellent faculty. As you are challenged by them, accept the challenge and prepare to engage in exciting and productive interaction with them. Our faculty will help you learn, will expose you to the tools you need to excel, but ultimately, it will be up to you to use the years at Woosong to prepare for the future.
I ask you not to be passive, but active! Make everyday a building block for your intellectual and professional development. And, do not forget, when you leave our classrooms and move into the world of the 21st Century, use the tools learned here to continue your never-ending quest for knowledge and understanding.
I wish you success not only while here with us, but in your entire life as a graduate of Woosong University.

Show the world that you are willing to share in the development of a better place than when you arrived. Such a spirit may carry you around the globe or to help in the homeless shelters of crowded urban centers. But ultimately, you will be a representative of the Woosong spirit. Congratulations and may you have all possible success.

John E. Endicott, President Woosong University


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